After airing an intense mid-season finale with episode 11 on 9 December, CBS' "Code Black" is now on a winter break. The network will not be airing season 1 episode 12 as per schedule on 16 December. The fans can look forward to watching the next episode when the show returns on 13 January, 2016.

In episode 11, titled "Black Tag", we saw how Dr. Leanne Rorish along with a group of Angels Memorial Hospital residents, including Neal, Christa, Angus, Mario and Heather, head to a scene of a massive car wreck. The intense episode showed Leanne letting her emotions get in the way of her job, while Mario and Heather find their lives in danger when a patient's husband holds them at gunpoint to save his wife.

The mid-season finale also focused Jesse recovery from his massive heart attack in the episode titled "Cardiac Support". The gripping episode saw the residents running helter-skelter to save the victims; Christa helps a helpless family stuck in a ravine and Angus, Heather and Mario help a man stuck in cement.

But in between all this, Dr Leanne asks her residents to decide whether the patient lives or dies by black tagging them. "Black Tag" in medical jargon refers to the very real practice of doctors "black tagging" patients that are likely to not survive, thereby alerting the next responder so they can divert their attention and resources elsewhere. And the episode was just about that.

In her recent interview, Bonnie Somerville, who plays Christa, had said that the black tagging angle was a perfect fit to the theme of the show and that particular episode. "Black tagging fits in the theme of our show. It goes in the theme of Code Black. When there's more patients than resources and there's more patients than beds, then you have to think on your feet. That's the intensity level of Angels Memorial, and that's the intensity of LA County, which was the inspiration for the show. So those situations, although they seem far-fetched, really happen, and we try to make it as real as we possibly can," said Somerville.

Now, there's is no official synopsis released by CBS for episode 12, so we need to keep guessing the fate of our favourite residents.

"Code Black" is on a mid-season break and will return on 13 January, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.