Ever since "Hold Outs" on Friday, 20 November, "Blue Bloods" has gone on break, and is not expected to air this week as well. The show will return on 11 December with "Flags of Our Fathers", and dig deeper into yet another moral dilemma Frank (Tom Selleck) faces when a group of activists burn the American flag.

Frank in fact gets pushed into the middle of national politics when the issue of "free speech" becomes the topic of conflict. Along with Frank, we will be forced to ponder about the free speech protections granted by the American constitution.

It is the flag-burning orchestrated by a group of anti-government protesters that propels Frank into one of his classic moral dilemmas this time. In his capacity as police commissioner of New York City, he will have to take a stand on how important free speech is.

Meanwhile, his older son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) will find himself defending a seemingly guilty man when he gets interrogated about his ex-partner, who has been accused of planting evidence. Although Danny wants to leave the interrogation, he roughs it out and tries to stand up for his former partner. But he may have to face the fact that the man he worked with had in fact planted evidence to expedite the closing of a homicide investigation.

Here is the official synopsis for the upcoming episode:

Danny gets interrogated about his ex-partner, who's been accused of planting evidence in order to close a murder case. Elsewhere, Frank contemplates the parameters of free speech when activists plan to burn the American flag.

Watch Season 6 Episode 10 of "Blue Bloods" on Friday, 11 December, but until then do not forget to check back here for updates, spoilers and live-streaming information.

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