The Big Bang Theory S9
The Big Bang Theory S9CBS

Fans of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" will have to wait yet another week for a new episode to be aired, as the show is on a two-week break.

Season 9 Episode 18 is titled "The Application Deterioration" and it will be aired March 10, and will see Raj torn between two women – Emily and Claire. Based on a leaked description of the episode, Raj will reach out to the girls – Penny, Bernadette and Amy – for advice on how to deal with Emily, who has expressed a desire to meet him.

On the way to Emily's place, Raj receives a call from Claire who warns him about trusting Emily too much.

Elsewhere, the girls have a discussion regarding Bernadette's morning sickness, and Sheldon, Leonard and Howard decides to patent their idea.

The official synopsis for the episode reads:

"The boys want to patent their idea (from "The Positive Negative Reaction") and Sheldon begins to draw up a contract where they are going to split their share three ways (their share from the University's share). The girls in the meantime talk about Bernadette's morning sickness and then hang out and head to the boys apartment. Raj hears from both Emily and Claire and again must make a decision."

In other news, the cast of the comedy series has opened up about season 10 potentially being the final season, and it looks like a majority want the show to continue beyond the next season.

"I think it's a given that we want to be here," actress Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, told TVLine in a recent interview. "That's the overall consensus. It might be a sticky road, but if I have anything to do with it, we'd be here for much longer. That's the goal."

Her co-star Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, echoed similar sentiment. "If the opportunity to go past Season 10 came up, I'd be very hard-pressed to tell you who [among the cast] might say no — if anybody would. I wouldn't," said Parsons.