"American Horror Story: Hotel" has been on a mid-season break since Wednesday, 16 December, when Episode 10 "She Gets Revenge" was aired.

After the monumental shift in the attitude of Liz (Denis O'Hare ) and Iris (Kathy Bates), fans are left anxious as to how the power dynamics of the Hotel will change; but the answer will be revealed only on 6 January, when "American Horror Story: Hotel" returns with Episode 11 titled "Battle Royale".

The mid-season finale of "AHS: Hotel" has been nothing short of bloody, with threats flying left and right, and Elizabeth (Lady Gaga) and Donovan (Matt Bomber) both killing someone. However, the episode also saw John (Wes Bently) and Alex (Chloe Sevigny) bonding and reuniting over the quest for their children.

However, the most dramatic shift in the story was when Iris and Liz decided to back out from committing suicide and instead vowed to take over the hotel themselves. They decided to go big by blowing up the penthouse while Donovan and Elizabeth are inside it.


Their first real victim is expected to be Gabourey Sidibe, who played Queenie in "American Horror Story: Coven". She was a Council member and a witch at Miss Robichaux's Academy who shares blood with both the Salem witches and the voodoo tribe. Her presence in the promo has made many "AHS" fans excited, and we are all hoping that we get to see her use her voodoo power on Iris and Liz, ultimately leading to a showdown between the two.

However, from the look of it, she is an ordinary - even if extremely sassy- customer of the hotel, and is going to be "dinner" for Liz and Iris.