The race is going on full throttle and the fate of the winning team is not very far now. However, there are still a couple of legs left that can change the destiny of the teams and it is high time that all the participants try their best.

Instead of airing tonight, "The Amazing Race Canada" Season 4 Episode 9 will air on Aug. 23.

The next leg titled "I Just Wanna Win" of "The Amazing Race Canada" will take place in Cuba where the remaining teams will push hard to make it through the semi-finals. In the previous episode titled "I Could Be Prime Minister," Steph & Kristen continued to lead the race.

However, not all the teams were that lucky as Julie & Lowell fell behind significantly. At the end of the race, only five teams were remaining that will be competing against each other in the next episode. Though there are some tough teams, the others can still hope for getting a lead if they finish their tasks properly in the next episode.

It will be the first time when "The Amazing Race Canada" will travel to Cuba and explore the historic and cultural beauty of the country. The teams are looking forward to visit Havana and have a memorable time there. However, they will also have to go through several difficult challenges and tasks in order to finish the race.

The preview of the episode hints that the teams will find unexpected tasks in Cuba that might leave them frustrated and annoyed as it surely won't be easy to go through them. However, the team in the lead after this leg of the race will surely have a significant chance to win the Season 4 race.

Though the winner team won't be announced before Season 4 finale, fans can guess the probability once the events of Episode 9 are finished. Though there will be only one victorious team, undoubtedly Season 4 is one of the best seasons of "The Amazing Race Canada."