"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls" – Joseph Campbell

While you try making something out of the quote above, once you have a brief glimpse of what Hello Games is offering in No Man's Sky, you will surely understand the depth involved. In a nutshell, No Man's Sky is, as of now, the only game of 2015 that could actually go on to change the way we perceive and play games today.

When No Man's Sky was initially shown off in late 2013 during the VGX Awards, it created quite an impression in our minds. And so much so that few fans we know have finally decided to go for a PS4 this year as soon as No Man's Sky comes around. Others, however, are tweaking their specs-rich PCs. And I, personally, am clearing the dust off my Giorgio Moroder records to sync Chase (Midnight Express) with the game to completely zone out.

If you have been a part of the gaming fraternity, you will surely know the kind of impact the first ever Halo (Halo: Combat Evolved) had on the entire FPS business. Combat Evolved changed the way we play FPS forever, and No Man's Sky, if it fulfils its potential, could be on the same route.

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Exploration is the keyrockpapershotgun.com

We might throw in a compliment here when we say No Man's Sky could offer one of the most promising tech, as far as the future of gaming is concerned. We like what we are seeing here, and the concept of exploring the universe and heading into the great unknown is as tasty a prospect as any (the Interstellar effect). Here are reasons why you must absolutely look out for the game this year.

Limitations are Things of Past
Sure, we might be more psyched about the likes of Far Cry 4 and GTA 5 with their immense open worlds, but there is still a kind of barrier that stops us from heading into the unknown. No Man's Sky isn't really in the open world category, as much as it's in the open universe. While the prospect of exploring galaxies and distant worlds via a game may sound crazy, it is indeed hoping to take you on a ride that goes beyond our world and into the limitless beyond that's always inviting us.

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The Universe is but a mystery

Exploration Has No Bounds
Of all things on offer, we are more concerned about No Man's Sky's gameplay and replay value. There are a host of titles out there in the market that aren't a thrill the second time around, no matter how grand a gameplay experience they might be offering. Hello Games, however, isn't in the mood to follow the routine. On the contrary, it's on the verge of a game that will offer plenty of value with each game being different from the last one. And that will be helped on its course by the number of planets that you could explore and collect resources from.

Magical Variety of Planets
Although us humans carry this (somewhat irritating) aura of being the most civilised and intelligent creatures in the universe, deep down we know that it's far from the truth, and that we are actually living in denial in terms of how vast the universe is. Each planet has its own flora, fauna and way of life that's quite different from ours. The guys over at Hello Games seem to know this and have made sure no two planets in the universe are same. An added treat being all the planets are teeming with life.

The Future of Online Gaming
With the age of multiplayer and online gaming already well underway, the only way we can go from here is up. And Hello Games has taken the first major step in making sure the online gaming world is re-defined forever with No Man's Sky. With the game's online capabilities, you can expect to form a team of explorers with your friends and hop from one planet to another, while passing on details on the same to your comrades. We are just thrilled about the prospect of that when combined with the PS4's sharing capabilities.

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Team up and exploredualshockers.com

There Will Be Blood..
"..Because nobody can hear your scream in space." While Hello Games haven't really elaborated on the combat mechanics in No Man's Sky, expect a fair bit of intergalactic battle against other hostile forces looking to make a name in the universe as well. There will be instances of planetary invasions and you will be needed to defend rightfully that's yours. Although we wait to find out more on the combat system, we are expecting something out of the pages of Star Wars Starfighter, and even Crimson Skies. Buckle up, rookie!