For those of you who have obtained the much-expected No Man's Sky for your PS4 and PC platforms, there are in-game aspects that need exploration manually. One such intriguing aspect is maxing out your in-game character's suit inventory and upgrading the same.

Renowned gaming tipster, Sirian has detailed effective tips on how to max out your suit in No Man's Sky and upgrade the inventory size. Check out the tips below: 

  • Before you max out your suit inventory, do keep in mind that the inventory maxes-out at 48 slots.
  • Then you are required to increase/upgrade the suit to its maximum capability/potential. To achieve this, you require 6 million 300,000 units. After the first free upgrade, every upgrade costs 10,000 additional units.
  • Resort to farming, if you plan to increase your suit's inventory.
  • It is possible to upgrade your suits on both planets and space-stations. When on planets, you can upgrade your suit inventory to maximum on one planet.
  • To find suit inventory on planets, fly over the planets at a low altitude till you come spot the drop pods. Upon spotting these, stop and check out the stuff inside. You will find upgrades here.
  • To easily fly over planets, find signal scanners and craft the bypass chip, use your blueprint (provided to you earlier) and search for shelter. When you find a shelter, fly over the shelter again and use the signal scanner again.
  • But, if you manage to spot a drop pod, you are in luck as you can simply fly over the pod and purchase the upgrade.
  • Repeat the above step either in one planet or you can jump from one planet to another to max your suit inventory
  • Now, you can also max out your suit inventory on space stations, to do this, you require an Atlas Pass. Once you enter a space station, navigate to the door on your left hand side and open this to find the suit inventory upgrade.
  • Add multiple blueprint upgrades to your suit inventory to upgrade the latter.
  • Also wait a bit till you are in possession of additional inventory slots before you can actually upgrade the suit inventory. Organize similar upgrades in groups. This ensures you do not run out of slots.