This lockdown has given us some unlikely heroes to look up to. Sonu Sood has been working for migrant workers, endlessly, taking a step few had taken in that direction. With the pandemic raging, the Bollywood actor has suddenly become a hero to look up to.

A lot of reports and rumours emerged about the actor's political ambitions. Although he had kept mum on the matter, many began to debate whether the actor would, in fact, be seen stepping into politics. However, now Sonu Sood has put all rumours to rest saying that he has no such agenda on his mind. 

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood on political aspirations, says he has none

We've seen many actors turn politicians in the country over time. Maybe not all were successful, but many have tried their hand at the job. When the lockdown began, the main concern and glaring issue were that of the migrant workers. When it seemed like not much could be done, Sonu Sood stepped up to the plate to help.

The Bollywood actor really made a difference with his work and touched a million hearts and lived. It was only fitting then that people would wonder whether he would enter politics. He would make a swell candidate as well. Many rumours began to appear that the actor will be joining the government, specifically the BJP. As the population started gearing up for a new era in politics, the actor came forward to dispel doubts.

Sonu Sood helps migrant workers

Sonu Sood while talking to Bollywood Hungama revealed, "I have absolutely no interest in politics. I have no intentions of getting affiliated to any political party. Main jahan se apna kaam kar raha hoon wahin theek hoon (Where I am working from, I'm fine there)." This might come as a disappointment to those who were looking forward to his political debut.

The actor also spoke about rumours regarding his hidden agenda behind helping migrants saying that he's not going to let that affect the work he does. When asked if he'd like to see a biopic on himself, he said he'd play the lead, in jest. However, it's hard to imagine anybody else in that role too.