Drunk girl dance
YouTube screengrab

Different people have different ways to deal with breakups. While our beloved Bollywood heroines, in reel life, cry their heart out with ice-cream tub, Hollywood divas often opt for a makeover.

However, a girl from Gurgaon chose a unique way to deal with her breakup — she danced barefoot in front of her boyfriend's house after he allegedly dumped her.

And guess what! The girl from Pataudi got her own DJ, who chose to play 'Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge' from Aamir Khan's film 'Raja Hindustani'. Can anything be more apt than this?

Videos of the girl dancing have gone viral. She appears to be drunk and is seen stumbling while trying to shake a leg.

NDTV reported that a person by the name Sandeep Sehwag shared the video online with a caption saying that her boyfriend had cheated on her and she chose to dance to sad songs outside his house in Halmandi, Pataudi.

Check out the video here.

No only sad songs, the lovelorn girl also danced to some hip-hop Punjabi songs.

In another recent incident, a Noida girl pushed her father to death to save her boyfriend.

Initial investigation revealed that Vishwanath found his 21-year-old daughter Pooja in a compromising position with her boyfriend Dharmendra, who lived in the same building.

Vishwanath started berating the couple and got into a physical altercation with Dharmendra.

Pooja intervened and the couple starting beating up Vishwanath. During the scuffle, Vishwanath got reportedly pushed aside and he lost his balance, thereby falling off the stairs from the third floor of the house.

He was rushed to the hospital following the incident. However, he succumbed to multiple injuries.