In the upcoming episode titled The Magician Once More of Food Wars Season 2, Soma will prepare for a new test after losing to Akira.

Episode 12 of Food Wars Season 2 will air on 24 September instead of 17 September and will introduce the new Stagiaire story arc. Students will be asked to find out the wrong practices in a restaurant and try to improve it.

In the previous episode titled The Stagiaire, Soma did well in his tasks initially. However, Megumi was having a tough time as she was assigned the dish-washing job at the restaurant, and had to face the strict attitude of the chef under whom she was working.

In the upcoming episode, students will appear for the practical exams of first year where they will be assigned a tough task. Failing in this task means expulsion from the school, and so they will have to be extra careful in their work. In the first round of the task, Soma will have to work with Mitamura to prepare a western cuisine.

Though western cuisine is known for its rich legacy, it is losing popularity as modern cooks are not able to prepare it properly. The task also needs students to serve the diners as fast as they can, or they lose points.

Hisako had earlier reduced the number of dishes on the menu in order to improve the performance of the restaurant. However, the restaurant's owner was against it as he didn't want any of the dishes to be removed from the menu. Nevertheless, after listening to Hisako's logic, he agreed and it brought significant improvement to the restaurant.