Even though Fox initially insisted on working on the "Fantastic Four" sequel despite the shocking failure of the first film, it has now officially removed "Fantastic Four 2" from its release schedule.

The sequel was scheduled to be released on 9 June, 2017, even before the first movie hit the screens. However, the studio has changed its mind, and the film's name is nowhere on the list now.

Recently, almost all superhero movies have been performing well at the box office. Hence, Fox was confident that "Fantastic Four" would also do well.

However, not only did the film bomb at the box office, but it became one of the worst superhero movies of all time, grossing only $56 million domestically and $167 million worldwide. It was made on a budget of $120 million.

Box Office Mojo tweeted the news first, mentioning that the old release date of "Fantastic Four 2" — 9 June, 2017, — has disappeared just months after Fox's fourth failed stab at the Marvel franchise.

It is not yet clear whether Fox is planning to reschedule the movie for later date it has been removed indefinitely. It may be a strategy to allow more time for Fox to come up with a new idea for the franchise.

"Fantastic Four" follows the story of four people — Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Susan "Sue" Storm and Ben Grimm — who went on a space excavation. However, due to a catastrophe, their bodies are altered, giving them supernatural powers.

Their friend Victor von Doom undergoes similar changes, but due to certain disputes and arguments he becomes repulsive by the four and decides to work on his own.

Richards and others realise Doom has became a bigger threat than they expected, and that they must do their best to stop him.