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As the weekend arrives, audiences and fans of Bigg Boss have been eagerly waiting to know who will be leaving the house. For elimination in the sixth week of Bigg Boss season 3 Telugu, Mahesh Vitta, Himaja and Punarnavi Bhupalam have been nominated. But surprisingly, there is no elimination this week.

On the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi and to make everyone happy, Bigg Boss has decided not to eliminate anyone in the sixth week. This is a big and a surprise gift that Bigg Boss has given to the contestants of the show. It sounds great to the audience and contestants especially. Though Mahesh, Punarnavi and Himaja, have been taking part in the fun tasks that have been assigned by Ramya Krishnan, they were pretty much tensed as one of them, by the end of the episode, has to walk out of the house.

Mahesh Vitta
Mahesh VittaTwitter

Ramya Krishna has announced that Mahesh is safe from elimination and then, only Punarnavi and Himaja were left for elimination and that is when the special host has revealed that there's no elimination at all. This has made all the contestants jump and scream with happiness.

To announce that there is no elimination, Ramya Krishnan went into the house, spoke to contestants, had a lot of fun with them, had a cup of black coffee that Baba Bhaskar made for her and finally, told them that she's in the house to not to send anyone out. She distributed Bigg Boss t-shirts to all of them and danced with them for Ganapathi Bappa Moriya song.

Baba Bhaskar
Baba BhaskarTwitter/StarMaa

Contestants who weren't nominated for eliminations, were so happy to know that neither of their fellow housemates are being evicted. Well, this has been a surprise to the audience too as many have been waiting and wanting to know which contestant will be eliminated.

Well, everything went well and Ramya Krishna, the special host, has given a special Vinaya Chavithi gift to all contestants and audience as well.