Apple Beats Samsung As The Global Smartphone Leader, Gartner Shows In Numbers
Samsung Loses Global Smartphone Leader Title To Apple, New Survey RevealsReuters

Megapixels aren't really the key factor in the greater image quality and Apple's iPhones are a good example of it. While there is a tough race in packing higher megapixels in smartphone cameras among major tech giants, Apple has refrained from competing in this category.

Even so, iPhone cameras manage to come out close to the top smartphone cameras in the market. According to a new report, Apple is planning to continue the trend with its iPhone 6S, where the camera will witness non-megapixel upgrades.

Speaking to the Taipei Times, Jeff Pu, an analyst at Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting Co, said the next iPhone model will sport 8mp camera sensor same as the current iPhone 6. According to him, the camera lenses for the 2015 iPhone flagship will be supplied by Largan. Even if Apple does not increase the megapixel count on its rumored iPhone 6S, the Cupertino tech giant will focus on adding new features such as optical image stabilisation and faster autofocus.

For a while now, there are rumours indicating a massive improvement in the new iPhone's camera, bringing DSLR-like image quality using a dual lens set-up. Also, recent claims were made about including optical zoon capabilities in the new iPhone for the first time along with improvements to low-light performance, Apple Insider reported.

However, Pu did not mention anything about a dual-lens set-up in the iPhone 6S.

Last week, there was a new report that revealed Apple's surprise move in releasing its latest flagship. If true, the iPhone 6S is expected to be launched alongside the Apple Watch in April while the iPhone 7 will follow the tech giant's traditional annual upgrade cycle for a September release.