It has been five days since a car belonging to UT home secretary Anil Kumar hit Captain Paramjit Kaur Dhanoa (Retd) in Chandigarh, and no action against the offenders has been taken so far.

This has led to protests on Facebook and Twitter over VIP culture.

On 25 September, the 90-year-old ex-Army doctor was going to Tagore theatre with her family to watch a play, when she was knocked down.

In an interview to PTI, her son Captain IP Dhanoa said "she received serious injuries to her face and head, and was later rushed to the army command hospital in Chandigarh". Her condition is said to be stable now. 

According to media reports, the accused Anil Kumar, an IAS of the Haryana cadre did not care much, saying it was his driver's fault. He did not offer any assistance to the victim who had served the Indian Army during the Indo-China war in 1962. 

The police are yet to press charges against the accused.

On September 26, Dr. Dhanoa's grandson posted a write up on Facebook to express his disgust at the VVIP culture in the country.

The Ex-‪#‎HomeSecretary of ‪#‎UT : The S.H.O. "Mr. Anil Kumar's" Govt. Vehicle: HM Ambassador knocked down my Father's "90 year old" Mother inside the premises of the ‪#‎TagoreTheatre last evening due to over speeding in the ‪#‎ParkingArea.

"Mr. Anil Kumar" (IAS Officer) & his Wife both left from there in a matter of few minutes saying, "I know it is my Driver's Fault" and went in to watch a "Play" with total disregard for my ‪#‎Grandmother.

He didn't bother to wait and ensure to get medical help and didn't assist my father in any way.

My #Grandmother "Capt. Dr. P.K. Dhanoa" who is a 1962 ‪#‎WarVeteran now has a "Head Injury and a Broken Rib", is currently being treated at "The Command Hospital" at ‪#‎Chandimandir.

The thing is : ‪#‎Power is in the hands of ‪#‎MenOfLowCalibre, ‪#‎Rascals,‪#‎Rogues, ‪#‎Freebooters, ‪#‎Unethical, ‪#‎Arrogant, ‪#‎Characterless people who have no regard for the citizens of this great country of ours.

This is how ‪#‎SeniorCitizens are treated by our very own ‪#‎VIPs &‪#‎Bureaucrats.

I hope this reaches ‪#‎PMoIndia ‪#‎NarendraModi.

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This has led to a public outrage on Facebook and Twitter and prime time debates on news channels. #VVIP Racism has been trending on Twitter for a long time and here are some of the tweets.