Njan Steve Lopez
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Malayalam film "Njan Steve Lopez" is currently receiving mixed reviews from the entertainment world. The film is appreciated by the critics for the director's realistic approach to the movie and its cast member's performance. However, some of the critics felt that "Njan Steve Lopez" is a slow-paced movie as its theme is too short for a feature film.

The film, starring Farhaan Faasil and Ahaana KrishnaKumar, is directed by Rajeev Ravi. Other cast members are Sujith Shankar, Dr Ambikasuthan and Chinnu Kuruvilla.

The story of "Njan Steve Lopez" revolves around the life of a 19 year old teenager, Steve (Farhaan Faasil), who leads a normal life. He is the son of DYSP George Lopez (Alancier) and shares his love interest with Anjali (Ahaana KrishnaKumar), who is the daughter of a Circle Inspector. One day he comes across an incident, which will change his life forever. The rest of the film revolves around Steve's struggles to come out of the trouble he is in.

The film is jointly scripted by Santhosh Echikkanam, Rajeev, Rajesh Ravi, Geethu Mohandas and B. Ajith Kumar. The film is produced by Madhu Neelakandan, Alan McAlex and Madhukar R. Musle under the banner of Jar Productions. The cinematography is done by Pappu and the editing is done by B. Ajith Kumar.

Check the review roundup of "Njan Steve Lopez" below:

"First thing to note about the movie Njan Seteve Lopez is that Rajeev Ravi still hasn't really got over the hangover of Annayum Rasoolum. He tried to tell the story in a down to earth manner and of course he won in that. There are certain things to be aware while making a realistic movie, one of them is to avoid the lag. Njan Steve Lopez excels there. Movie is set in a manner that it can't be categorized into any genre. Njan Steve Lopez is a realistic coming to age romantic drama. Rajeev Ravi amazes us with a down to earth way of storytelling. Njan Steve Lopez is a very simple movie in a very different way. Njan Steve Lopez is a refreshing movie, that both serious movie goers and ones who seeks entertainment can find solace in Njan Steve Lopez," said Muyals.com

"Farhaan Faasil makes a decent debut with his matured portrayal as 19 year old Steve Lopez. Newcomer Ahaana doesn't have much to perform. Rest of the cast including Alancier, Sujith Shankar, Vinayakan, Dr. Ambikasuthan and Chinnu Kuruvilla are fine in their roles. The script penned by Rajesh Ravi, Geethu Mohandas and Santhosh Echikkanam seems streched. The movie keeps on lagging from the beginning to end. Rajeev Ravi's direction is good; but the theme seems too small for a feature film and has lost its balance in an attempt to make it as a 116 minutes long feature film," said One India Entertainment

"Another great plus of the movie is the Background score done by Chandran Veyattummal which efficiently manages to create the real mode of the motion. Cinematography done by Pappu also does grows up to the standards and pace of the movie. Njan Steve Lopez' doesn't belongs to the ignorable league,since it excelled at times and ends up as a different kind of experience which does makes the audience to think," said Onlookers media.com