Self-styled Godman Nityananda was evicted from his position as the 293rd pontiff of Adheenam mutt by senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar on Friday.

Desikar announced the removal of Nityananda from the Aadheenam at a press meet in Madhurai and said that he was unable to reach the controversial Godman to convey his decision. However, he reportedly added that Nityananda was ready to quit as the head of the revered Mutt in Madurai.

Desikar's announcement came a day after Tamil Nadu government's Hindu religious and charitable endowment department filed a petition in court seeking it to direct Desikar to sack Nityananda from the Aadheenam.

Desikar has also moved the police department seeking protection as he claimed that he is facing life threat by Nityananda's disciples. Following his request, a heavy police protection has been deployed around the mutt, said the reports.

Earlier this year, Desikar appointed Nityananda as the successor of famous 1500-years-old Madurai Mutt head, amid protests by several activists and outfits, noting that he has been neck deep in quagmire of scandals and sexual-assault charges. 

The controversial Godman has been in the headlines since 2010 after a sleazy video purportedly featuring him surfaced.

Later, Nityananda was accused of several other criminal charges, including rape, following the leak of the video purportedly showing him in a compromising position with a film actress. Both of them argued that the CD was doctored and intended to spoil their reputation.