Nissan Launches Limited Edition of Micra XL CVT
Nissan Launches Limited Edition of Micra XL

Japanese auto-maker Nissan has made changes to its line-up in India by cutting down on the variants that was on offer. While the reason for rejiging the line-up is not clear, reports suggest that the company is now looking to focus on the variants that are in demand.

All the four offerings of Nissan—the Micra, the Micra Active, the Terrano and the Sunny have seen changes in the variants list and the total number of some of the offerings have gone down by half, reported Autocar India.

Nissan Micra

The Micra hatchback of Nissan is one of the models that have undergone major changes in its variants. The Micra's petrol manual variant is now out of the list and is now offered only with CVT gearbox. Nissan Micra—both petrol and diesel models—are offered in two variants-- XL, XL (O) for diesel and – XL CVT, XV CVT for petrol. The Micra now gets driver airbag as standard.

Micra variants Price
XL CVT petrol 5.99 lakh
XV CVT petrol 6.80 lakh
XL diesel 6.49 lakh
XL (O) diesel 7.03 lakh

Micra Active

In the case of Micra Active, the changes in the list are minimal with the company discontinuing the base XE trim. The Micra Active now gets three variants-- XL, XV and XV S.

Micra Active variants Prices
XL petrol 4.56 lakh
 XV petrol 4.84 lakh
XV S petrol 5.39 lakh

Nissan Sunny

In the Sunny, the CVT gearbox now available on the top petrol VX trim and the company has discontinued XV D Premium variants. While the CVT option from the mid-level XL is removed, the petrol XV trim now gets premium leather.

Nissan Sunny variants Prices
XE petrol 7.91 lakh
XL petrol 8.40 lakh
XV CVT 10.89 lakh
XE diesel 8.80 lakh
XL diesel 9.46 lakh
XV diesel 9.93 lakh
XV premium safety diesel 10.46 lakh

Nissan Terrano line-up

Nissan discontinued three variants from the Terrano line—up-- 85hp diesel XL, 110hp diesel XL and 110hp diesel XV trims. The Terrano is now offered in four variants—petrol (XL), XE diesel 85hp, XL Plus diesel 85hp and 110hp XV Premium.

Nissan Terrano variants Prices
XL petrol 9.99 lakh
XE diesel 85hp 9.99 lakh
XL plus diesel 85hp 11.69 lakh
XVP diesel 110hp 13.15 lakh