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The latest Malayalam movie "Nirnayakam" ( "Nirnaayakam") has got positive reviews from critics. The VK Prakash directed film has Asif Ali and Malavika Mohan in the leads.

Two aspects stand out in this romantic drama: for the film: script by the Bobby-Sanjay duo, and screenplay, which poses questions to the existing judicial and political system. 

Director VK Prakash has come in for appreciation for conveying a complex story in a convincing manner. 

"Nirnayakam" has been rated as Asif Ali's best movie till date. Others have also done a great job onscreen.

Here are the reviews of "Nirnayakam" ("Nirnaayakam") by critics:

Cinema Company

"The basic plot of a common man's fight against the system is not something fresh in films but still it has relevance in the modern society we live in. Without much preaching and melodramas, V K Prakash has executed Nirnayakam in a convincing manner to make it watchable with a running time of under two hours. I am going with three and a half out of five as my personal rating for this movie with the hope that the common man's voice is heard by the responsible people to make our life easy and smooth."

Onlookers Media

"The real trump card of this flick is its terrific story line and unbelievably good scripting done by the master writers Bobby and Sanjay. With each film they are making us their ardent fans and this will also sure to bring them more and more recognition. V K Prakash also done a grreat job as he conceived the subject with so much precision and aesthetically beautiful. His tight yet flowing way of story telling really helped the flick a lot to go one step higher. M.Jayachandran's songs and Ousepachan's background scoring was very much apt to the mood of the film and Shehnad Jalal's DOP was perfect as well as it really stood up to the aesthetic sense of the director and captured what the flick really want. The cuts by the experienced hands of Mahesh Narayan made the story telling a crisp and sharp one."


"Asif Ali hasn't done anything extraordinary to make his character deep or emotional. He was kind of okay in his portrayal. Malavika Mohanan who made a disappointing debut in Pattam Pole showed a small improvement (thanks to less number of dialogues and scenes.). Tisca Chopra was good in her character. Prem Prakash gets a solid character in the form of Adv. Sidharth and he has done a very good job. Nedumudi Venu was also good. Sudheer Karamana and Lena also did justice to their roles. Small roles for Rizabava, Saiju Kurup, Sanusha, Ashokan, Mukundan, Shanker Ramakrishnan and many others."