Nintendo Switch: Next-gen console could have multiple hidden aspects for offering enhanced functionality
Nintendo Switch is the latest console from Nintendo.Facebook/Nintendo

Nintendo Switch, the next-gen gaming console slated for release during March 2017, is already taking gamers across the world by storm. Now, game tipsters claim to have unearthed hidden features that are reportedly missing from Nintendo's new hardware.

The "hidden features" within the Nintendo Switch console predominantly include:

  • The touchscreen: At this point in time, Nintendo is yet to issue an official statement with regard to the screen of the Switch being touch enabled. The Switch's glass display, on external looks, resembles very much to that of conventional tablets, thereby hinting at the fact that the display is touch-enabled.
  • Split D-Pad: Nintendo Switch features a left joy-con controller that ditches Nintendo's traditional D-Pad to adapt a new split D-Pad. However, the new split D-Pad resembles that of the C buttons on the N-64 controller. This means that Nintendo has brought back the legacy button design aspects with its new Switch.
  • Nintendo Switch can be charged on the move: The official trailer of the Nintendo Switch itself provides cues with regard to the usability of a cable to plug into an external source for charging. It is also rumoured that Nintendo will offer a USB Type-C port for charging via an external source.
  • Support for MicroSD card: In the official trailer of Nintendo Switch, there is a rectangular area below its kickstand that is reminiscent of a microSD card slot.
  • Stylus slot: Similar to the potential SD card slot, there is an empty area at the centre of the device on the rear that indicates a potential stylus slot. This potentially means that users would be able to draw on the device using the stylus.
  • Shoulder buttons: In the official trailer, two users are seen playing Mario on the console. A closer look (especially at the protruding on the right-hand side) at their index finger position is sufficient to indicate that there would be customised shoulder buttons for multiple inputs.

Do let us know if you could gauge anything "hidden" within the next-gen Nintendo Switch console.