Nintendo confirms it is going to stop Wii U production in Japan.Reuters

Giving credence to rumours about Nintendo stopping production of Wii U in Japan, the company officially confirmed this news on Thursday. By stopping the production of Wii U, the company is making way for its hybrid console, Nintendo Switch, which was unveiled recently.

"As recently posted by Nintendo on the Wii U website in Japan, Wii U production will end in the near future for the Japanese domestic market. We have nothing to announce in terms of exact timing," Nintendo of America said a statement.

"We can confirm that as of today, all Wii U hardware that will be made available in the North American market for this fiscal year has already been shipped to our retail partners. We encourage anyone who wants Wii U to communicate with their preferred retail outlet to monitor availability," the statement added.

Earlier, the Japanese website had said that Wii U production was scheduled to end soon. Following rumours of production being stopped, Nintendo had denied that it would end Wii U production.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima had said that production could be halted by March 2018, IGN reported. Halting Wii U production will allow the company to make way for Switch, which will be released in March 2017.