New Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS US release date is

Nintendo NX is Nintendo's upcoming console that is currently being developed. The company has revealed very less about its next console, which it calls the "next-generation game dedicated machine" and "something that is based on an entirely new idea."

The mysterious nature of the console has triggered several rumours and analyst predictions. Nintendo is likely to reveal details about the console sometime in 2016. And it has been predicted that Nintendo might unveil NX at the E3 2016.

New details on Nintendo NX were leaked and shared via DualPixels by Geno.

It was revealed that Nintendo NX would feature a wireless HDMI dongle to support HDMI ports and would have an identical tech layout of PS4 and Xbox One. This will help game developers to port games from PS4 and Xbox One, said a report.

Here are some of the rumoured details:

  • It features a wireless HDMI dongle that can plug into any HDMI port. The NX will use a more advanced version of the streaming technology in the Wii U.
  • The analogue sticks have full haptic feedback, so.
  • It can Bluetooth synch with any device, including smartphones, allowing users to answer phone calls or respond to texts, which will be displayed on the console.
  • It'll be comparable in power to the Xbox One, and has thus far proven extremely easy to develop for. The tech is also similar to the hardware layout of PS4 and Xbox One.
  • It will have social features that expand beyond existing AR, multiplayer and StreetPass applications. Pokemon Go serves as a good example of what the NX will do with social gaming.
  • It's designed to be very easy to use and looks like a cross between a Nintendo console and Samsung. Its OS, Nintendo OS, is very powerful and has similar features as Android OS.

It must be warned that these are only rumoured leaks and must not be taken to be the official features of Nintendo NX.