Nintendo's next console Nintendo NX is rumoured to be a 'powerful' system that will make use of an "industry-leading" chip. The rumour comes from Takashi Mochizuki, a correspondent at Wall Street Journal, who has been sharing information about the yet to be revealed console revealed. The console will be powerful and will be based on the recently distributed NX dev kits, Gameranx reported.

Mochizuki mentioned that what he is getting is second-hand information on the power of NX. He cannot assure Nintendo fans if the new engine in NX will be able to compete with PS4 or Nvidia Titan.

He also revealed that NX could have more than two devices and it will be launched by the end of 2016. He also speculated if NX meant Nintendo Xcross.

Apart from this, Crunchyg, administrator of Nintendoforums, went on to reveal that the console was having "incredibly powerful" processing capability, reportedly faster than that of what Sony and Microsoft currently have.

Another user PixelShade, claiming to be an artist in Ubisoft, revealed that he got to see the NX SDK. The demos from the Nintendo NX impressed the developers in his office, he said.

Sometime in August, there were reports of Nintendo filing a patent for a power efficient console that works without any optical drive.