New Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS US release date is

Nintendo NX is Nintendo's upcoming console that is currently in-development. The company has revealed very less about its next console, which it calls the "next-generation game dedicated machine" and "something that is based on an entirely new idea."

The mysterious nature of the console has given rise to several rumours and analyst predictions. Nintendo is likely to reveal details about the console sometime in 2016.

DFC, a market research firm, has warned Nintendo against launching Nintendo NX in 2016. It said that the interest surrounding VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR might be too much for Nintendo NX to take.

"DFC believes that Nintendo launching a new system in 2016 would be a mistake and under any scenario the Nintendo NX will not have an impact on the market until late 2017," DFC said, according to MCV.

DFC forecasted that Sony's PlayStation 4 will still have stronger sales in 2016. It also predicted that the new VR devices, especially that of Sony's PlayStation VR might "negatively impact" Xbox One and Wii U.

However, previously some of analysts' predictions have not held ground. Attack of the Fanboy mentions how analysts predicted that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would lose out to video games on tablets and smartphones. But that was proved wrong and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been some of the fastest selling consoles in comparison to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.