New Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo president confirmed Nintendo NX is in development. (Representative Image)

Nintendo NX has of late been in the news with the new Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima mentioning this upcoming device that will reportedly be a "hybrid" and "home console."

Kimishima had confirmed that Nintendo NX is in development in a statement to his shareholders and investors. In another interview, he had revealed how the device, which he called a "dedicated machine", will be "different from the current Wii U and 3DS," promising its users "new experience."

It has been assumed that Nintendo NX will be of the same ecosystem as Wii U and 3DS. However, Japanese analyst Junko Yamamura has predicted that NX might eat into the sales of Wii U and 3DS. He predicts the domination of NX over these two devices.

He went on to reveal that his previous disposition to NX was critical and said he had thought that it would prove to have a "limited impact on 3DS and Wii U sales as it is not being positioned as a successor to either console," Attack of the Fanboy reported.

One of the reasons for the analyst to change his stance on NX is the fact that 3DS sales have been weak. Moreover, the console is entering its sixth year leading to suppositions that users of Wii U and 3DS might be looking out for a new console and NX fits the bill perfectly.

The report also added how PS3 and Xbox 360 were overtaken by of PS4 and Xbox One, following their releases. The games that were released on the next-generation consoles also saw better sales. 

So the analyst's predictions are not without precedent, however, another question that many are asking if NX will be able to challenge PS4 and Xbox One's performance and sales.

One of the consoles that has been topped the sales charts since its launch is PS4 and Sony recently revealed that it has sold over 35.9 million units worldwide.