Barry Sonnenfleld of "Men in Black" fame is back and this time it is a comedy venture titled "Nine Lives." Starring Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner in lead roles, the movie is all set to hit the Indian theatres on Aug. 26.

The movie tells the story of Tom Brand (portrayed by Kevin Spacey), a ruthless business tycoon who has distanced himself from his family because of his numerous business ventures.

In order to please his daughter, Tom plans to buy her a pet cat. However, while his way back home, he meets with a freaky accident that leaves him in coma. Much to his shock, Tom realises that his mind has been trapped inside the cat that he had purchased for his daughter.

Now, Tom has exactly a week to reconcile with his family and get in good terms with them. If he fails to do so, he will be trapped inside the cat's body forever and there won't be a way out.

Sonnenfeld shared his experience with the movie and said that it was a very ironical memory as he is allergic to cats.

"The irony to all this is, you have a director directing a movie about cats who is profoundly allergic to cats. Luckily, my granddaughter wanted a cat and we found a breed of cat that was hypoallergenic, which was a Serbian forest cat, and that's what we used in the movie."

Talking about the theme of the movie and Spacey's role, Sonnenfeld said that though the movie is a work of fantasy, it is very much real and the audience across the globe can relate to it.

"I think there is a real worldwide audience for this film. It's fantasy but real, it's funny, but real... It's a fantastically funny movie that is totally grounded in reality," Sonnenfeld said.

Sonnenfeld further said that the character of Tom is that of a egoistical person who hates cats and doesn't care much about others. This very nature landed him into the trouble and now, he has to learn to take care of it.

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