Nina Dobrev is celebrating her 27th birthday on Saturday, 9 Janaury. She is one of the most popular actors of Hollywood, who is always doing exciting things, like diving with wild sharks and sky-diving from choppers high up in the sky. So what does someone — say, her boyfriend Austin Stowell — get someone like her, who has everything and does everything, for her birthday?

Nina Dobrev, being the face of popular The CW show "The Vampire Diaries", has always been in the limelight. However, when she started dating co-star Ian Somerhalder, everyone — including non-fans of 'TVD" — got excited. There was an expiry date for their romance, and although the stars themselves moved on, the fans failed to do so.

In 2015, Somerhalder married "Twilight" star Nikki Reed, sparking hateful rumours that Dobrev is trying to split them up, or that Reed is trying to keep them apart. When Dobrev left "The Vampire Diaries" claiming she wanted to move on in her career, fans saw it as Dobrev's way of distancing herself from an ex-boyfriend she still had feelings for.

It has been a while, and fans are still hoping to see a reunion of the stars, despite Somerhalder posting loving messages for his wife on social media. Now, however, Nina too seems to have moved on, having met actor Austin Stowell, whom she has now officially called her boyfriend.

Now that everything is out in the open, and they have gone on a holiday together, rumour mills are in a hurry getting them married too. We hear from Youth Health Nina is in a competition with her ex, and is looking to settle in with Stowell as soon as possible.

While Ian and Nikki plan for a baby, Nina is looking for a wedding — or at least an engagement ring. Could this happen around her birthday? The romantic Austin seems to be, he could even pop the question on her birthday.