Nimbuzz launches Hoodle, your phone fitness partner
Nimbuzz launches Hoodle, your phone fitness partnerNimbuzz

Nimbuzz has announced a new call management app for Android platform. Hoodle, the multi-faceted call management platform can identify an unknown caller's name, photo and location during an incoming call live. With the addition of Hoodle, users can now understand their calling behavior.

Hoodle will also understand user's calling behaviour and profiles on the basis time spent on the phone. It will map the time between two calls and based on past record, let you know the exact time when you are least active on the phone. The feature will also track your favourite friends or relatives based on the time spent. Based on the user's calling history, Hoodle will also remind users to call any particular number at pre-determined times. For example, if you regularly call a certain friend at 7pm every Friday, it'll prompt you to do just that. Of course, you can also set manual reminders.

The application also identifies unknown callers and spammers and allows user to block pesky incoming calls. User can also also search people's names based on their phone numbers. Nimbuzz claims the application has already seen over 6 million unknown number searches and over 18 million sessions. With the cool new Hoodle, users will find it easier to identify the connections they frequently call.

The app is available for download at Google Play store for free. Nimbuzz claims the app will be compatible with all major Android smartphones.