Nikita Kalra
Nikita Kalra

Food has a lot of emotions attached to it and the ones who cook it the best are aware of it. Talking about emotions, the happiest are mostly associated with sweet dishes, especially cakes or pastries. When you want to cheer someone up, well, cookies go in handy. To make sure you enjoy the best ones, Nikita Kalra has started her own bakery called Baking Tales.

She is associated with creative, soft, and succulent cakes and pastries in Lucknow. From childhood, she not only enjoyed eating cakes but also loved baking. What started as a hobby turned into passion and today, her profession. The bakery has also gained a lot of attention from cake lovers, especially the youngsters.

Young people love customized cakes. They want cakes related to their favorite movie/series or characters, either for themselves, their friends or loved ones. Kalra saw a demand in the area and made sure their wishes came true. She claims to have an eye for detail in baking, and paired with her friendly nature with customers, her bakery has quite a following in Lucknow.

What started as an online venture has now turned into a big business. In August, the bakery opened its venture in Lucknow where people can physically give/take their orders. She even treats her customers with freshly baked sweet dishes, and also savour food items.

"I am happy that my dream has come true. When I did my training at Taj Mumbai, I realised that I love to give my own twists to food dishes/recipes. I knew that it can only happen when I have something of my own. I want Baking Tales to be popular outside of Lucknow one day. It's my dream to have multiple cake shops in different parts of the country," she says.