The BBC's drama-series "The Night Manager" concluded last month, but fans are already looking forward to watch more of Jonathan Pine's (Tom Hiddleston) adventures. It seems that they might get to hear the good news soon.

As reported by the UK Telegraph, Charlotte Moore, the BBC controller of television, has hinted that she is in talks for Season 2 of "The Night Manager" with the author John le Carré's sons' production company The Ink Factory. The series is based on le Carré's book of same name.

"Le Carré is very involved. We wouldn't be talking with them if he didn't think it was a good idea. Of course he wants to take part in it, it's his work. He will definitely be involved in what we do next," Moore said.

According to Daily Express, Alistair Petrie, who plays the role of Lord Sandy Langbourne, said that "everybody is up" for a second season after Season 1 received numerous praise both from the fans and critics. However, he added that nothing has been confirmed officially as of yet.

"For these characters it's a global playground, that's the exciting part and it's a very international show. It means if they were to decide on series two, they could travel anywhere in the world.

"We know there are a lot of dastardly people out there, not just where we've been set at the moment. Where the story might go and with who is very hard to say but it is conceivable that a series two might happen and I think it would be such a shame if it didn't."

Independent has stated that le Carré is "very involved" with plans for "The Night Manager" Season 2. If a second series goes ahead with the development, it will be the first time when le Carré will allow the producers to extend the story of the series beyond his book's content.