Represenation pic: A Nigerian woman gives birth to a boy four years after getting pregnant
Represenation pic: A Nigerian woman gives birth to a boy four years after getting pregnantReuters

Miracle or medical mistake? A Nigerian woman carried a baby in her womb for about four years, before finally giving birth to a healthy boy!

The bewildering incident took place in Ndiagbor in Aninri in Enugu state. Oluchi Merife had become pregnant in March 2010 but within six months she started menstruating. And soon after a medical checkup, she was told by the hospital that there was no child in her womb, the Kenya Post reported.

Despite this, Oluchi still had a swollen belly till 13 December, when she finally delivered a healthy baby boy. While skeptics may have their doubts, Oluchi believes it was a miracle and it was 'God's healing touch' that helped her deliver a baby.

Oluchi stated that she had gone to several Christian priests, looking for a solution to her problem. And after attending a meeting in 2013, Oluchi was told by a Christian preacher to get an ultrasound scan done. "Just as the Pastor prophesied, the ultra scan showed that I was seven months pregnant," Oluchi said.

Earlier last year, there was another report of a Nigerian woman delivering a baby after being pregnant for two years, which is an indication of the poor health facilities available in the country.

With just bare minimum health facilities available in Nigeria, those living in the rural areas have the least access to health checkups. Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, and the maternal and infant mortality rates there are among the world's highest.

As per the World Factbook, Nigeria experienced approximately 630 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 2010, and approximately 73 infant deaths per 1,000 live births in 2013. In comparison, the maternal death rate in developed countries is approximately nine per 100,000, reported AllAfrica.