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    All Progressives Congress presidential candidate and Nigeria's former military ruler Muhammodu Buhari leaves after a verification of his voter's card at a polling unit at the begining of general elections in Daura March 28, 2015.Reuters
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    Women wait in line for voter's card verification at a polling unit at the begining of general elections in Daura, northwestern state of Katsina, March 28, 2015.Reuters

Nigeria has decided!

Muhammadu Buhari's All Progressives Congress party has claimed a historic victory, given the massive lead that the former military ruler took over erstwhile president Jonathan Goodluck's Peoples Democratic Party.

"This is the first time the opposition has voted a government out of power in Nigeria's history," an APC spokesperson said, referring to the 16-year uninterrupted rule of the PDP ever since Nigeria shifted from military rule to democracy. 


  • Erstwhile president Jonathan Goodluck conceded defeat to rival Muhammadu Buhari, and congratulated him over his victory in the tightly contested presidential elections. 
  • However, Nigeria's Independent National Electoral Commission is yet to officially anounce the results. 
  • Muhammadu Buhari's All Progressives Congress party has claimed victory in the presidential elections, as the official collation of votes by the national electoral commission is drawing to a close.
  • Jonathan Goodluck's representative at the national collation centre in Abuja has reportedly announced the Peoples Democratic Party's rejection of the results, according to Daily Post.
  • Muhammadu Buhari's All Progressives Congress has routed Jonathan Goodluck's Peoples Democratic Party in Niger State, Nigeria's largest state. 
  • The collation process has begun on the second day of vote counting, and the chief of the Independent National Electoral Commission apologized for the delay. 


  • Buhari, Nigeria's former military ruler, looks set to come back to power, as a tally by Reuters of 30 of the 36 states shows he has pooled in 12.9 million votes, compared to Jonathan Goodluck's 10.2 million. 
  • Buhari has beaten Goodluck in half of the 36 states in Nigeria which went to polls on 28 March.
    By Monday night, results of 18 states were declared, and Buhari is leading the race with more than two million votes.
  • While Jonathan has won in the capital of Abuja, he lost in several other key states.
  • Nigeria's election commission has begun the collation process, even as UK and US foreign secretaries pointed to indications of political interference in the process. 
  • Buhari has swept the polls in Katsina state. 
  • Jonathan has defeated Buhari in the Enugu state, winning all 17 seats. 
  • An electoral official has been arrested from the Taraba state for electoral malpractice, adding to concerns of rigging in the knife-edge elections. 
  • President Jonathan Goodluck lost to Buhari in the polls held inside the Presidential villa in Abuja, considered to be Nigeria's seat of power, according to the Daily Post.
    Votes at the two polling units inside the housing complex where the President also resides put Buhari in the lead with 613 votes as opposed to Jonathan Goodluck's 595 votes. 
  • Ironically, Buhari lost his own ward to the PDP, even losing at the polling unit where he himself cast his vote. PDP picked up 88 votes at unit two of Ward 2 of the Staff Training School at GRA Benin, where Buhari voted, while APC got 65. 
  • Jonathan Goodluck's Peoples Democratic Party had won all 16 seats in the Ekiti state
  • Buhari's All Progressives Democracy is leading in the Adamawa state, winning nine seats, while the PDP trails at five.