Nigeria elections
Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan (L) and former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari pose for a photo after signing a peace accord in Abuja March 26, 2015.Reuters

A majority of Nigeria's 60 million eligible voters will be voting on Saturday to elect their next president in one of the most closely-contested fights in years.

Incumbent President Jonathan Goodluck faces stiff competition from former military ruler Muhammad Buhari, who heads the opposition coalition All Progressive Congress. 

Polling booths will open at 8 am local time on Saturday to begin the accreditation process of voters, while voting will commence at 1.30 pm local time (around 12.30 pm in UK, 8.30 am in US, and 5 pm in India).

You can watch the polls online as well on your smartphones.      


International Business Times, India Edition will be covering the polls live here

Nigerian Eye will be posting live updates here

Several Nigerian media will cover the elections and post updates on their websites.

Some of the leading news portals to follow are  The Guardian and Premium Times

On smartphones  

Nigeria's Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has made a mobile app available to get all the details on the elections. 

Details of the app can be found here - myINEC mobile app

Social media 

Updates about Nigeria's elections are most likely to be first up on social media, especially on Twitter, with hashtags such as #NigeriaDecides and #Nigeria2015 among the popular ones. 


The results of the presidential elections will be announced 48 hours after the polling is over, according to the election commission. 

After Buhari lost in the last elections, riots had broken out between Christians and Muslims, leaving more than 800 dead. 

Tensions are high this time as well, though Goodluck and Buhari have signed a peace deal to ensure there is no violence. 

EXIT Polls:

Exit polls began early this year in anticipation of the 14 February elections. 

One such poll in January by Nigerian Eye had put Buhari in the lead with 72% of the respondents saying they will vote for him. Only 25% had said they will vote for Jonathan Goodluck. 

However, other polls, such as the one by Afrobarometer, put the two rival candidates head to head, with 42% votes each. 

There are nine other presidential candidates, but they are dwarfed by Goodluck and Buhari. 

While the earlier polls predicted Buhari's victory if the African nation had gone to polls on 14 February, the momentum is said to have shifted to Goodluck in the last six weeks, according to