• A Boko Haram rocket-making factoryTwitter
  • A Boko Haram rocket-making factorynull
  • A Boko Haram rocket-making factorynull
  • A Boko Haram rocket-making factorynull

Boko Haram militants have released a set of pictures which they claim are from its "rocket manufacturing unit" inside a college in Borno state in Nigeria. 

The images were released on Twitter with the caption, "released by the information office of Islamic State's West African Province."

Earlier this year, the Nigerian terrorist group changed its name to Islamic State's West African Province after pledging allegiance to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The photos show Boko Haram militants manufacturing rockets at a college in the north-eastern Borno state, where the terror group has a strong foothold.

According to BBC Africa, the machines used by the Boko Haram to manufacture the deadly missiles belong to a Government Technical College in Bama; the machines were bought by the college using a special fund by the Nigerian government to help educational institutions.

For long Boko Haram has been using rocket-propelled grenades; however, there has been much debate on where the Islamist group was getting its weapons from.

Last month, AFP had reported that the Nigerian defence ministry has warned its citizens that Boko Haram was in possession of cluster bombs, which local sources claimed were seized by Islamists from the Nigerian military.