Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj (2nd L) performs on the Orange stage at the annual Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark, July 4, 2015.Reuters

Nicki Minaj, who is not new to dress disasters, suffered yet another wardrobe malfunction on Monday as soon as she arrived in Los Angeles.

The singer dressed down in a crop top and tight leggings when she touched down in LAX, but still managed to give fans an eyeful when her butt and thongs became visible through her see-through leggings.

Minaj's butt is a hotly discussed topic, with many suspecting that her derriere has been augmented and an equal number saying it is real. Minaj has always refrained from talking about her butt, but she has never wasted an opportunity to flaunt her assets.

In March, she did not leave much to the imagination when she took to the stage in Dublin in a sheer jumpsuit as she performed "The Night Is Still Young." A thong and a bra covered her modesty, but her entire backside was on full display at the event.

But one pitfall of dressing provocatively is that one is more prone to wardrobe malfunctions. Minaj suffered a major one at the MTV Video Music Awards last year when the zipper of her dress broke during a performance.

"I was butt ass naked!" Minaj told Ellen DeGeneres in September last year, according to HollywoodLife. "I was like I have to put on a black dress really quickly and sure enough we didn't have a real quick-change right there. So it was literally my whole team just standing there holding curtains around me and it was pitch black," the rapper revealed. "I couldn't see anything and right before it was time for me to walk out they went to zip it up… And right there I thought I died…"

"I didn't have any underwear on. No underwear. No bra, because I had just taken off the Anaconda outfit. So I was butt ass naked…I don't know."