Nicki Minaj doesn't believe in editing her images before posting them on Instagram or Twitter. And that's why the singer has slammed rumours about her butt being photoshopped in her recent Instagram photo.

On 10 August, the "Ananconda" singer posted a picture of herself along with boyfriend Meek Mill and her stylist. In the photo, the stylist's pants appear curved directly in line with the singer's rear. Now, fans started posting comments, criticising Minaj of airbrushing the picture to make her butt look more curvy before posting it.


The comments section was flooded with fans posting messages such as, "this is a terrible Photoshop", "the guys pants next to her are messed up cuz she edits".

This has really upset Nicki, who wants everyone to believe that those curves are real. In fact, after looking at the picture, even she was a bit confused if it was photoshopped. But now the "Starships" singer has confirmed that the picture wasn't manipulated. 

The singer actually texted her photographer Alex Grizz to confirm if he had photoshopped, to which he replied: 'No; It's Just a Shadow.' Nicki posted a scree shot of the conversation to slam haters.


She went ahead and captioned the screen shot: "Lol why did I actually text @grizzleemusic about this? Yall so damn crazy. I was like we don't need to do that."

Well, if you look at the picture closely, it indeed looks like a shadow. Now, it appears Nicki Minaj's haters will have to wait for another photo to criticise the singer.