Nick Viall
Pictured: The Bachelor 2017 star Nick Viall.Facebook/Nick Viall

New pictures from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor have leaked online, and speculations are rife that he has already found the girl he wants to end up with.

Life & Style magazine has obtained some photographs of Viall's one-on-one date with a contestant named Vanessa, and based on their body language she could already be a frontrunner.
"They looked totally in love," an eyewitness told the media outlet about the date. "They were acting like a couple on their honeymoon."

Reportedly, Viall and Vanessa enjoyed the Zero Gravity Experience airplane ride at California's Long Beach Airport, and they were making out constantly. "They were kissing passionately on the plane," the witness explained, adding that there was just one awkward moment when she got airsick and threw up.

In other news, it was recently revealed that one of the contestants on the show is someone Viall has already hooked up with. According to a Us Weekly source, this happened long before filming for Season 21 started. "During the first day of taping, all of the girls came out, and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again," the insider told Us. The identity of the girl has not been revealed, but it is safe to assume that it isn't Vanessa.

Neither Viall nor the girl in question acknowledged their past sexual encounter, but Viall wasn't too pleased to see this girl as he had told producers that he "didn't want any girls on the show that he already knew or had a date with" because he felt "it was a waste of a person being there," the source said.

The Bachelor will return to ABC in January 2017.