Suriya's NGK
Suriya's NGK ready to set the box office on fire.PR Handout

An educated farmer is leading a normal life with his wife and has earned the respect of the people with his good deeds in the society. His life changes forever when he is forced to stop the farming and reluctantly enter the politics. In short, NGK projects the dark and gritty underworld of politics.

NGK Story:

Suriya enacts the role of Nandha Gopalan Kumaran aka NGK, a farmer, and Sai Pallavi plays his wife in the Tamil film. After being forced to stop the farming, the local MLA offers him to help, but on the condition that he should join the party.

It does not take much time for him to realise that politics is not bed of roses as he uses every situation to build his career. Once he wins the trust of the MLA, he raises through the ranks in the party. Rakul Preet Singh plays the role of the party's PR. How the hero climbs the ladder of success and the difficulties in his path form the crux of the story.

NGK Reviews and Analysis:

Suriya has come up with a stellar performance in NGK. The movie has brought the best out of the actor. His acting as a cunning and scheming politician remains a major attraction in the film. Rakul Preet is equally good, but Sai Pallavi's character lacks consistency. Selvaraghavan presents the political scenarions in his signature style. His writing hits the right spots in the first half, but the film is hit by illogical scenes and lack of continuity in the second half. Overall, the film ends up as an average film, which can neither be declared as an out-and-out a Suriya film, nor a signature Selva film.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

Check out the reviews in the audience's words below:

Varunkochu: Watched #NGK The film is relative & appropriate for the time thanks to entire team for give as a good film @Suriya_offl @selvaraghavan @DreamWarriorpic @Rakulpreet @Sai_Pallavi92

Review Ram: #Suriya was lit on screen in #NGK.
He carried the movie on his shoulders. His performance was excellent. His angry expression and crying portions were perfect. #Selvaraghavan extraction of work is Tharam!

#NGKFire #NGKFromToday #NGKReview

sesha: #ngk
It is not at all a @selvaraghavan film
Though suriya scored in every frame
But we missed Selva masterpiece
As a cinima lover very big dissapointed Selva is the person who should not compromised for anythng if he do compromise result is #ngk
#NGKFire @Suriya_offl

thalapathy_varu: Watched #NGK !
Heavy disappointment!
#Selvaraghavan failed miserably to impress the common audiences and also fans!
This movie may satisfy the so called critics but never going to hit hard in #SuryaFans !
First half is watchable !
Second half is horrible!

PVK Infotainment: Positives of #NGK
#suriya ✌️

Drawbacks of #NGK
* Narration
* Inconsistent tones
* Antagonist (not appealing)
* songs placement
* Poorly written female characters

Director let's down while the lead star has given out his best.

Naren: #NGK - Stellar perf from Suriya, d biggest & only strength. Climax stage speech super. Sai Pallavi overacts. Yuvan's BGM is gud. Lazy writing, illogical scenes, abrupt cuts; hard to beliv its a Selva film. Decent 1st hlf & Poor 2nd hlf. Very Avg Political drama.@Irshad_8055

Haricharan Pudipeddi: As a political thriller, #NGK doesn't hit the sweet spots but it brings out the best in @Suriya_offl in a role that has so many shades. A performance you won't mind betting your money on. However, the film never realises its full potential.

Sathish Kumar M: #NGK is yet another Political Drama with excellent performance from @Suriya_offl & massive BGM by @thisisysr
We have to wait till the end credit to see the rise of #NGK
#NGK First Half - Vera Level acting from @Suriya_offl when he meets opposite party leader in his office.
Quite sure that there will be huge applause throughout TN for that particular scene
Unexpected Interval Scene.
Waiting for the rise of #NGK with expectations #Kathiruppom

Ramesh Bala: #NGK 1st Half: #Thandalkaaran song is a treat to Fans..
@Suriya_offl 's performance in the interval block
@Rakulpreet is impressive as the Political consultant..
Looking forward to seeing how @Suriya_offl will achieve his goals..
#NGK 1st Half : An Educated youth sees the power of local politicians.. So he himself gets into it..
@Suriya_offl 's acting is fantastic.. There is a transformation scene.. He is Vera Level from that scene..
His scheming ways of moving up in the political ladder is

sathish: #NGK is an average movie. #suriya acting is Soo good but making is not that much #selva missed some thing. Am disappointed..,

Naagu_twits: We just saw #NGK brilliant film , @Suriya_offl anna your performance different level , Sai Pallavi supporting acting was too cute n perfect house wife role. Very good Pollitical movie .
Hats off dir. @selvaraghavan !!
Blockbuster Go Watch !!

Forum Keralam (FK): #NGK The main problem with the film is continuity issues in the 2nd half. Feels like random scenes stitched to complete it. Wasn't the case with 1st half where Selva etched out everything properly. The result would have been better if not for those irregular schedules i suppose.
#NGK Nevertheless,another impressive addition to @Suriya_offl 's performance text book as he brings freshness to the character with his attitude and body language.He deserves a better script.@Sai_Pallavi92 was good but again her character also lacks the consistency in 2nd haf.
#NGK Second half is a let down..
Lazy writing by Selva coupled with some logic less scenes spoils the party
Have to wait and see how this goes with his fans.
Right mix of family scenes and few comedies
Politics angle also has come out well
@thisisysr bgms ❤️❤️
Second half shud unveil the mass #NGK which was missing in the 1st half#NGK Interval
As expected @selvaraghavan has hit the right chords so far.
@Suriya_offl the show stealer. Absolutely towering perfomance.
Hoping for an even better second half