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Five years after his dream project, Irandaam Ulagam bombed at the box office, Selvaraghavan is having his first release in the form of NGK, a political thriller. For the first time, he has teamed up with Suriya for the ambitious project, which has Rakul Preet Singh and Sai Pallavi playing the female leads.

Devaraj, Ponvannan, Bala Singh, Thalaivasai and a host of other actors are part of the supporting cast. The film has Sivakumar Vijayan's cinematography and Praveen KL's editing. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music. Two of his songs like Thandalkaaran and Pothaachalum have struck the chord with the viewers.


Suriya plays the role of Nandha Gopalan Kumaran aka NGK. He is an ambitious youngster who brings about a revolution in the political situation in his state. Rakul Preet plays the role of Vanathi, a strong woman with courage. Sai Pallavi will be seen as Reddamma who shapes the hero's journey in politics. The bilingual film tries to portray the dark and gritty underworld of politics.


The movie has opened to fairly positive reviews. Suriya's performance is the highlight of the movie. The first half has the right packaging and the background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja has enhanced the quality.

The second half is not up to the mark as the logic factor goes for a toss. The lack of continuity issue the major problem. Overall, it turns out to be an average product, say audience.


Both Selvaraghavan and Suriya have not been in good form in recent years. In spite of their successful past, they seemed like lost momentum. The good news is that NGK has created a lot of positive buzz around the film with its promos. Will the film, which is hitting the screens on Friday, 31 May, live up to the expectations? Check out in the viewers' words below:

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #NGK - @Suriya_offl annan is the only saving grace. Loved his portions with ilavarasu. Rest - kastam.
#NGK - Atleast 50 murders in the movie, and this is U certified. Censor board is a joke.

Latha Srinivasan: #NGK review - 2.5/5 disappointed with the #Suriya flick. Story is run of the mill, slow. Somewhat cliched. Talented #saipallavi has no meaty role. #RakulPreetSingh delivers. #suriya shines as usual. Sadly movie doesn't do him justice. Music OK.

Review Ram: #Suriya was lit on screen in #NGK.
He carried the movie on his shoulders. His performance was excellent. His angry expression and crying portions were perfect. #Selvaraghavan extraction of work is Tharam!
#NGKFire #NGKFromToday #NGKReview
Feels like an incomplete political film. #Selvaraghavan's energy, the believability factor, impact and are missing. Quite a good first half followed by a disappointing 2nd half. Just an one-time watch. #Suriya's performance is amazing!

Rajasekar: #NGK- Neither a Suriya film nor a Selvaraghavan film, struggles to strike a balance&ends up as a mixed bag. Guess Selvaraghavan struggled to maintain the family audiences image of the actor and lost his trademark style. The flawless performance of @Suriya_offl is the only solace.
#NGK - Good to see @Suriya_offl adapting to different styles. Proves that he is capable of shifting modes from @menongautham, #Hari to @selvaraghavan in a jiffy. He is just brilliant!
#NGK - @Suriya_offl as the cunning politician is fantastic, he steals the show and exhibit a unique performance (completely different from his previous films). @selvaraghavan has showcased the ground reality with his signature style. Good going so far.

Kaushik LM: #NGK 1st half - #NadippinNayagan sits perfectly on @Suriya_offl. He's a delight to watch; screen presence Nicely integrated parts for @Rakulpreet, Ilavarasu, Bala Singh in the political part of the film..
@Sai_Pallavi92 is seen in the family scenes, and gets her moments too.
#NGK 1st half - Going very good @Suriya_offl is TERRIFIC @thisisysr scoring big time with his music. @selvaraghavan has got it right so far. An educated youngster's journey in politics and it's quite different, with enough intriguing moments. #Kaathiruppom for the 2nd half

Sen: #NGK - @Suriya_offl holds it together , @Rakulpreet so far impressive @Sai_Pallavi92 does a good job so far ...@thisisysr as usual reserves his best for @selvaraghavan ..1st half moves at it's own pace.. cinematography

Sam: #Ngk intial reviews pakkum podhu .. @selvaraghavan tried to make a raw & rustic movie like Pudhupettai (cult classic) , but @Suriya_offl & @prabhu_sr team wants to dilute the stuff (U certificate is the proof) and the final result is like neither Selva nor Surya movie . Dot

Balaji Duraisamy: #NGK - What happen to the writer #Selvaragavan ? Never expected this kind of lazy screenplay.
IMO - The weakest in terms of writing & presentation among his movies.
#NGK - 1st half. Below average.
Really hoping for some #Selvaragavan magic in the 2nd half.

Oru Kadha Sollata Sir: #ngk intense and grounded political thriller! Witnessing the seasoned @selvaraghavan. Selva vayae arasiyal pesa vechtaanga.Totally worth the wait. @Suriya_offl sir and @Sai_Pallavi92 stealing the show entirely. Top notch acting. @thisisysr backbone in literal sense.Congrats team

Contractor Rajesh :#NGK i saw few idiots spreading negative reviews.
Don't trust them.
First half was mass..
Current political ideology and young blood involvement handled superbly by Selva.

Forum Keralam (FK): #NGK The main problem with the film is continuity issues in the 2nd half. Feels like random scenes stitched to complete it. Wasn't the case with 1st half where Selva etched out everything properly. The result would have been better if not for those irregular schedules i suppose.
#NGK Nevertheless,another impressive addition to @Suriya_offl 's performance text book as he brings freshness to the character with his attitude and body language.He deserves a better script.@Sai_Pallavi92 was good but again her character also lacks the consistency in 2nd haf.
#NGK Second half is a let down..
Lazy writing by Selva coupled with some logic less scenes spoils the party
Have to wait and see how this goes with his fans.
Right mix of family scenes and few comedies
Politics angle also has come out well
@thisisysr bgms ❤️❤️
Second half shud unveil the mass #NGK which was missing in the 1st half#NGK Interval
As expected @selvaraghavan has hit the right chords so far.
@Suriya_offl the show stealer. Absolutely towering perfomance.
Hoping for an even better second half

Thelpathrisingh: One word #NGK Mass @Suriya_offl looks fully loaded gun & never seen avatar after long & top perf from begining to end Interval & climax r OUTSTANDING @thisisysr u r just magic man @Rakulpreet diff role, nailed it & @Sai_Pallavi92 u steal the show @selvaraghavan out of park
What a strong story line...!!
The best indeed.
#Suriya sir has pulled off at its best!
#Rakul mass intro .
Yuvan's Bgm , just lit !
Perfect blend of mass & class first half!!
Something huge to come!
#NGKreview from #Premier show.
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