Nexus 5
Nexus 5Screenshot from Google website

Weeks after reports swirled that Google had decided to kill its Nexus series to make way for a new product line called Android Silver, it has emerged that the purported Nexus 6 would be released this fall.

Google's new Nexus device is expected to be announced when the new version Android L is unveiled later this year, wrote Dan Rowinski of ReadWrite. He went on to say that Google has the tradition of announcing a new Nexus device everytime it releases a new version of Android. 

In an interview with ReadWrite, Dave Burke, the head of Android engineering and the Nexus program at Google, confirmed that they are not scrapping the Nexus series.

"People just get excited by concepts and forget why we do things," Burke told ReadWrite. "We are still invested in Nexus."

"People have been commenting about Nexus because there is something else and they think that means the end of Nexus. That is the totally wrong conclusion to make," he added. However, he refused to comment on Android Silver.

Burke revealed that a team is designing a new Nexus device, while another team is working on the new versions of Android.

"When we are working, there are sort of two outputs. We're building a Nexus device and we're building the open source code. There is no way you can build the open source code without the phone or tablet or whatever you are building. You have to live and breathe the code you are developing," he said.

"You can't build a platform in the abstract, you have to build a device (or devices). So, I don't think can can or will ever go away. And then, I think Nexus is also interesting in that it is a way of us explaining how we think Android should run. It is a statement, almost a statement of purity in some respects. I don't see why we would ever turn away from that, it wouldn't make sense."

It was earlier reported that Google might scrap Nexus 6 all together to make way for Android Silver product line. @evleaks added more fuel to fire last month tweeting: "There is no Nexus 6. Farewell, Nexus".

Google has not announced the release date of Nexus 6, the successor of Nexus 5 but its VP, Sundar Pichai had said at the Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC 2014) that the device would be announced in October.

According to Taiwan's Economic Daily, Nexus 6 would be powered by MediaTek 64-bit SoC processor. However, G4Games reported that the device would be powered by either a "quad-core MT6732 64-bit chip that clocked at 1.5GHz, or the octa-core MT6752 SoC running at a frequency of 2.0GHz."

Supposed to be based on LG's new flagship device G3, Nexus 6 may sport a 5.2-inch full HD curved LCD display, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, packed with 3GB RAM and run on Android 4.5 Lollypop. Tech Cocktail reported that the device would feature a 20MP camera with HDR mode, contradicting other reports that it would have a 13MP main camera and a 5MP front snapper.