It's been only less than five months since Google's Nexus 4 smartphone made its global debut. Now, rumours regarding its successor are beginning to surface.

According to technology website Phone Arena, an anonymous tipster has revealed that the speculated 'Nexus 5' would sport a more compact 4.5-inch screen with 720p HD IPS display which is expected to cover 88 percent of its front side.

The informant also claimed that Nexus 5 will pack a Qualcomm based Snapdragon 600 series quad-core processor powered by high capacity 2,800 mAh battery.

Another rumour is that Nexus 5 might house a 9.0-megapixel Nikon camera with triple prism sensors. 

Since the Nexus 5 will be a Google device, it is expected to come with the speculated Android Key Lime Pie mobile OS.

With many smartphone makers launching smartphones with full HD 1080p display, Google's plan of using 720p display casts a shadow of doubt over the authenticity of the report.

As the rumours of the fanciful specs are flooding the internet, Nexus device maker Google has chosen to remain silent over the speculation.

Meanwhile, Google's current Nexus 4 smartphone is making record sales in almost all regions, with stocks running out within hours of its launch on Google Play Store.

Faced with high demand, Nexus 4 co-developers LG and Google are still struggling to streamline production to arrest the supply issue.

Nexus 4 is yet to release in many Asian markets including India. According to reports, Google and LG are bickering over the pricing for the Indian market.

In a related piece of news, Indian online retailer has posted on its website that the Nexus 4 is expected to be available by 20 April.