Nintendo Switch, battery, specifications
Nintendo Switch is the latest console from Nintendo.Facebook/Nintendo

The highly awaited Nintendo Switch game console has been a topic of discussions for a while now, even though its release is scheduled to take place only in March 2017. Adding to the speculations now is another report that claims to reveal vital details about the battery of the Nintendo Switch.

The next-gen game device would come with a fixed battery, according to an Engadget report that quotes official FCC filings and certifications, which point at a new console having received approval/certifications believed by Nintendo loyalists to be the Switch. 

So the battery within the Nintendo Switch would not be removable. However, it is not known yet as to what gamers can expect in terms of battery backup time and battery life from the new Nintendo Switch. 

Also, it seems that the above FCC certifications were approved with respect to an apparent Nintendo Switch prototype, and so it is possible that Nintendo many make the battery in the next-gen console removable when it is launched. 

Rumour mills are also abuzz about the pricing of the next-gen device. The Switch is expected to carry a price tag of about 330 Canada Dollars (approximately US $250).