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Electronic Arts has announced that the latest title in its military action series, "Battlefield," will be titled "Battlefield 1." While its most prominent rival, "Call of Duty," will be moving further into the future with its upcoming title "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," "Battlefield 1" will have a World War I setting.

As reported by the Guardian, developer EA Dice has stated that the new game in the franchise will offer vast environments in which the players will be taking in trench warfare on the Western front, as well as battles in Italian Alps, deserts of Arabia and in French towns.

Like the earlier games of the series, "Battlefield 1" will feature weapons and vehicles from that time period, which would include fighter planes and tanks, which led to a new age of mechanised warfare. Besides that, players will also be able to ride horses in the game.

As shown in the trailer, the historical setting is exactly opposite to futuristic setting of "Call of Duty" in "Infinite Warfare." Both the franchises have been the major competitors in the multi-million dollar shooter genre. Though both started with World War II backgrounds, "Call of Duty" has gradually shifted to a science-fiction future with its recent titles like "Advanced Warfare" and "Black Ops 3."

"Infinite Warfare," which is scheduled to release this year, will feature spaceship battles and combats in zero gravity. Though the trailer of the game looks visually stunning, fans are undoubtedly unhappy with the shift of the franchise from an historical time period to a science-fiction world. Their frustration reflects from the fact that the YouTube trailer of "Infinite Warfare" has already received over 600,000 down votes.

Talking about WWI setting in "Battlefield 1" and how it is different from recent "Call of Duty" games, executive director of "Battlefield 1," Lars Gustavsson said: "There's so much from this war that would fit perfectly with Battlefield. We realised this was the dawn of all-out war: it was the switch between the old and new worlds; it was an extreme contrast. Warfare went from marching soldiers and cavalry to technological warfare in a very short space of time. Battlefield has always been about land, sea and air combat, so it felt that something that had to be done."

The response received from the fans has been very hopeful and positive for "Battlefield 1." Whether it will beat "Infinite Warfare" this year or not, will be found out once both the games release.

"Battlefield 1" is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on Oct. 21, 2016, while "Infinite Warfare" will be launched two weeks before it.