New Zealand
Lees-Galloway and Jacinda Ardern

A senior cabinet minister in New Zealand was sacked by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern over an affair with an ex-staffer. General elections are due in September and it seems that the New Zealand Government has no room for erratic behaviour when it comes to lawmakers.

Galloway's role as minister for workplace relations regulates employment conduct and his affair made his position shaky.

Opposition leader Judith Collins had broken the news to Ardern about Lees-Galloway having an affair with his staffer. It seems that Ardern got worried because she thought that abuse of power had taken place and wished Galloway had informed her about it.

Galloway accepted his affair with the staffer and stated that his 12-month long relationship ended a few months ago.

Ardern issues statement after Galloway's dismissal

Ardern issued a statement after Galloway's dismissal, in which she said that, "The minister has shown a lack of judgment over a period of 12 months. In undertaking this relationship he has opened himself up to accusations of improperly using his office."

She further added that Galloway failed to model the behaviour that was expected out of him. A minister that is in charge of setting a standard and culture in workplaces, failed, she added. His actions led Ardern to lose her confidence in him as a minister, the PM said.

Lees-Galloway is married and has three children. He issued a statement admitting that he acted completely inappropriately. He apologized for letting his family down.

After Collins reported the matter to Ardern, she also urged the public to contact her with allegations about unsuitable parliamentary behaviour.

It should be noted that one of Collins' colleagues in the centre-right National Party had quit this week over a series of unwanted 'sexting' messages sent to young women.

Last week, Collins became the opposition leader and she promised to 'take the fight' with Ardern in the forthcoming election.

Though Ardern's Labour Party has a lead over National in opinion polls but this untimely sacking of Galloway might cost the party dearly.

It is also being predicted that the forthcoming election will see a keen fight as Collins has been nicknamed as 'Crusher Collins' and she is more than keen to take the prized ministerial position.