New York Police Department’s #myNYPD Campaign Backfires (Photo: Twitter screenshot)
New York Police Department’s #myNYPD Campaign Backfires (Photo: Twitter screenshot)Twitter

A Twitter campaign, initiated by the New York Police Department, to "communicate effectively" has gone wrong, with many of the city's residents responding with hundreds of photos of the police brutality instead.

The NYPD official Twitter had requested its 97,000 followers to send photos of themselves, posing with the officers, along with the hashtag #myNYPD.

But majority of the people took it as a perfect chance to post photos that showed the department indulging in outrageous activities, often involving atrocities against the public.

Photos posted with the hashtag include officers attacking people with batons, beating up a homeless man, pulling a woman's hair and engaging in sexual postures with random women.

#myNYPD has been the number one trending topic on Twitter from Tuesday to Wednesday morning.

Here are some of the most outrageous photos posted by people on #myNYPD:

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