Just a few days ago it was announced that Madeline Stuart, who suffers from Down syndrome, would walk the runway at the New York Fashion Week 2015. While we were still in awe of her passion and confidence, here is another pleasant surprise.

Rebekah Marine, a model with a bionic arm, is all set to walk the runway for FTL Moda – the same American label that is bringing Stuart to NYFW -- on 13 September, 2015.

"FTL Moda (the show I'm walking in) has made me feel so accepted in the fashion industry," Marine told The Stir. "They're helping me break down those barriers that I've been fighting for so long. I'm happy to be a part of this show!"

Marine from Woodbury, New Jersey, was born without a forearm but always dreamt of being a model. While she often faced rejection from modelling agencies due to her condition, she wasn't the kind to back down and got the prosthetic arm about six years ago. Things then changed forever.

"It's been quite a journey for me. It was hard at first to put myself out there for the whole world to see," Marine explained to People. "But I've become quite comfortable with myself now, and I'm the happiest I've ever been."

The 28-year-old model also spoke about how she initially dealt with rejection. "It didn't go very well, of course, when casting directors noticed my disability. Hearing the words 'You'll never have a future in the business,' really hit me hard."

However, Marine is now extremely happy about how the bionic arm has helped her make a mark in the fashion industry. "The technology in my i-limb quantum really made my day-to-day life easier."

This is not the first time that Marine will be seen on the runway of the New York Fashion Week. The pretty model owned the ramp at the NYFW Fall 2015, when she walked in a chain outfit for designer Antonio Urzi. She has also been featured on the anniversary catalogue of Nordstrom.