A video of an epic brawl inside a New York City Subway train where 'man slaps soul out of girl' goes Viral.
A video of an epic brawl inside a New York City Subway train where 'man slaps soul out of girl' goes Viral.YouTube/ Screenshot

A video of the brawl that occured inside a New York City's Subway last week has gone viral this week.

The Washington Square Station-bound F train saw a deadly full-blown brawl erupting after a trivial argument over fashion. The video shows a mass fighting among passengers after a man slaps a woman who had hit him first.

The incident, which took place at 5 am local time on Saturday, starts with a young black woman shouting at a very tall man as he was wearing an 8-ball jacket, and a taper hat – something that is said to be fashionable in the 1990s.

While the woman continues berating, her friends encourage her, the tall man seems to be not reacting until the man holding the camera gets involved, who tells the nagging woman that no one wears Steve Madden shows in today's world.

She and her friends charge at the man and one of them knocks the phone down.

"Damn, you petty as hell. You can't even afford this new phone," the man is heard yelling at the group. The first woman knocks the phone down once again.

Then the tall guy with the jacket is heard saying, "I don't do...why you get mad?" to which the black woman yells at him: "You sound stupid!"

The jacket guy then retorts by calling her a "bitch", which angers her. She hits him with her pocketbook. The climax of the footage occurs when the man turns around and "smacks the soul out of" her, as the YouTube video is entitled so.

The slap seems to be so hard that its loud sound could have been heard by everyone else in the compartment.

The scene quickly turns into a war zone with other passengers joining the melee that wrecks havoc inside the train.

The YouTube video has already received more than 2.4 million views. 

Watch the Video Below: