If venturing out in winter is not your thing, there's always a house party to organise. All it requires is organisational skills and a few of your favourite people. This idea seems to have gained popularity in the UK, where 73% of Brits are planning to spend New Year's Eve 2015 at home. 

Although you may feel inclined not to take the onus upon yourself and head out for dinner and drinks instead, a house party is perhaps one of the safest places to be at midnight on 31 December. 

Here are some easy tips that will help you throw a house party effortlessly.

Party Themes

Traditionally, New Year's Eve parties are glamourous. Glasses of bubbly make their way around a crowd that's ready to celebrate the New Year. You could do this at home too. If you want your house to look glamourous, then ensure that most paraphernalia at home are in the colours gold, white and silver or grey.

If you want to have a low key New Year's Eve party, then you could have a pajama party but make sure that your house looks cozy and the treats are decadent and rich. You don't want to welcome the New Year in a surrounding that's not festive.

Party Decorations

You could decorate it with gold, white, grey and black balloons. Set up a bubbly bar for guests. Furthermore, you could colour co-ordinate other paraphernalia to enhance the look. Dip your mason jars, bottles, the end of your wine glasses in gold paint and try to use gold coloured stirrers.  

You could dedicate a section of the house for a photo booth. Try and frame a part of the wall and have a few accessories like moustaches, hats etc. that guests can pose with.

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Party Games

Knowing Knees

Blindfold all the male guests and have all the female guests sit in a line. Make the male guest kneel down and identify the women only by touching their knees.

Guess what month

This trivia quiz will inspire a competitive spirit among guests. You could write down an incident that took place in 2015 and ask your guests to identify which month it took place in.

Pass the New Year's Hat

Have one of your guests wear a New Year's hat and make the rest of your guests sit in a circle. The idea is to move the hat along without using your hands or dropping it.

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Party Outfits

New Year's Eve parties call for a look that's glitzy, stylish and fashionable. However, you could ask your guests to dress according to the theme of your house party.    

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