Search engine giant Google is celebrating the last day of 2013 with an animated doodle on its home page. 

New Year's Eve 2013: Google Celebrates 2013's Last Day with Dancing Doodle

The doodle bidding adieu to the year 2013 features the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 3 dancing on a discotheque floor, while the number 4,symbolizing the year 2014 is seen eagerly waiting on the sidelines to join the bash. The dance floor has two big speakers on either sides plus a Google logo, with one of the 'O' in the word Google giving a picture of a burnished disco light. The doodle wishes 'Happy New Year!' when the user hovers over it. Meanwhile, a click on the doodle will take the user through the 'news New Year's eve 2013'.

The search home page of the Google further leads to "What did the world search for this year?" followed by "Remember the moments of 2013". Clicking on it takes the user to the Google Zeitgeist 2013 page.

Google has a history of commemorating death and birth anniversaries of well-known personalities across the globe with fascinating doodles and this year too was not different. Google joined the users in their sad and happy times with colourful ornamentations. George Ferris' 154th Birthday, Hermann Rorschach's 129th Birthday and tribute to 'Human Computer' Shakuntala Devi are few of the bests.

Last year, the home page of Google India paid tribute to a common citizen who we fondly remember as Jagruti ("awareness"), Jyoti ("flame"), Amanat ("treasure"), Nirbhaya ("fearless one"), Damini ("lightning") and Delhi braveheart, with a candle.