It is a common tradition among Star Wars fans, no matter old or new, to marathon the Star Wars movies. However, before you follow your usual sequence, ahead of "The Force Awakens", you might want to rethink that decision.

As reported by CNN, a fan has suggested that the order George Lucas prefers isn't the best way to explore the epic space saga. Whether you have recently become a part of the Force or have been into Star Wars for decades, he suggests that the best possible order to watch the movies is the "Machete Order".

Rod Hilton, a blogger and programmer, wrote on his blog, Absolutely No Machete Juggling, that Episode I need not necessarily come first, and instead suggested that the marathon begin with the classic old way: watching "Episode IV: A New Hope" first.

Currently, the two most popular orders of watching the Star Wars movies are the original order (Episodes IV to VI, followed by Episodes I to III), and the canonical order (Episode I through VI). However, Hilton wrote that neither order is as effective and true to understand the saga in depth as is the Machete Order.

He explained that both the orders reveal too many spoilers for newcomers to the Star Wars universe, and hence, that is what compelled him to minutely analyse the movies for days and come out with a perfect order.

"Putting the prequels in the middle allows the series to end on the sensible ending point (the destruction of the Empire) while still beginning with Luke's journey" Hilton writes.

"I think to a lot of fans, Star Wars is Luke Skywalker's story. Unfortunately, the prequels kind of refocused the entire saga on Anakin and made it his story — which doesn't work as well because he's not a sympathetic or engaging character," Hilton told CNN.

The full order is: Episode IV, V, II, III, VI. 

For sharp-eyed readers who noticed that Episode I is missing, here's Hilton's explanation: It's "irrelevant" the entire story of Episode I "is a distraction" from Luke's journey of saving the Universe.