There are many self-proclaimed Godmen and Godwomen in our country and now there's a serial that is set to explore them. The upcoming show "Devanshi," to be produced by writers-turned-producers Sonali and Amir Jaffer, will deal with the sensitive subject of superstition and will highlight the concept of those men and women, who are worshipped in several parts of the country.

TV actress Karuna Pandey of "Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki" fame has been roped in to play the negative role of Kusum Sundari, a cunning godwoman, while the lead character of the show, Devanshi, will be played by child artist Kashvi Kothari.

"The show is about a young girl called Devanshi whose childhood has been destroyed by the belief peoople have in self-proclaimed babas, and how Kusum Sundari's self-created belief system will put Devanshi's life in jeopardy [sic]," a source told the Times of India.

The show explores the relationship between people and true faith versus blind faith. India has seen numerous Godmen and Godwomen who have a large fan following and have ultimately landed in controversies. In this serial, a character named Mata Kusum Sundari is followed blindly by people wjho have instilled their faith in her. She takes advantage of the people in the fictitious town of Jwalapuri. Devanshi is a seven-year-old girl who will help the people triumph over all that is evil and negative.

Devanshi will also feature Dolphin Dwivedi in a pivotal role and will go on air on Colors TV channel soon.